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Fidget Cube Tomato took Chen Shushu hand, two people fidget cube 3d print in the dark mo cable in a circle, but it is now trapped in a xiao space In addition to the surrounding rock walls, there is a m n, a similar anti theft m n iron m n , But it is tightly closed, Chen Yushu trying to push and turn the m n on the lock, but no effect, it seems to be locked. Chapter 0554 Conscientious Word Chapter o554 Chapter of the intimate And the entire mountain dongxiao space inside, in addition to a backpack inside a few do not know what the plastic box. Light is too dark, Chen Yu Shu did not look. But to be sure, here in addition to the two of them, And no other people. Also until now, the two people be sober, and know that may be designed to be Zhongpinliang Otherwise, why are there only two of them, but not see Zhong Pin Liang and high xiao fu Yaoyao sister, is certainly Zhong Pinliang that h n the ball to us here Chen Yu Shu angry not I said how he brought us here, the original is to want us locked up Xiao Shu, blame me bad, I believe that too easy to light up the clock Chu Meng Yao bite the mouth of the net, but also know that they h.may be very flat and very moderate, Tang Yun although there are reactions , But absolutely not her so serious Do not tamper with Lin Yi frowned, Song Ling shan s hand to break apart, want to push her down from the body, but just broke apart a hand, the other hand and caught over, so Lin Yi Is depressed. Song Ling Shan to shame to death, her body although not controlled, but the fidget cube tomato mind is definitely awake But she did not do things through the brain thinking, but completely out of instinct Ro Chapter 0650 can not help you Chapter o65o can not help you Lin Yi s needles in the pocket of clothes, but the clothes were thrown down to the floor above the Jianwen Wen, and Lin Yi simply on the back of the needle, I did not expect this situation will appear in front, if known, put the needle down I now take you out, adhere fidget cube price at walmart to the hospital just fine For Song Ling Shan will not be dangerous, Lin Yi is no way, she is not Tang Yun, not Lin Yi s girlfriend, Lin Yi no way to help her in other ways. Moreover, Tang Yun massage techniques can be used to discharge the body of the pharmacy, one is because the phoeni.

Lai fat auction, the most do not understand is the rain Haitian, although he took a longevity detox Dan, but at the moment the more shocked, feel that longevity detoxification Dan is a good thing two uncle, or we Make another one Do not Middle aged man shook his head Before you this longevity detoxification Dan, has the price to low, Lai clothing no fare increases, I am afraid that only look at our rain home face, it is estimated that other people, you If you fight again, it falls down, this is not our home style of rain Ah Low Rain sea day surprised a moment. Look to know. Middle aged man faint, said This time the price, I am afraid will break through 300 million Yu Haitian a two uncle, then, but also secretly regret that he was young, consider the not comprehensive, before the first bid in accordance with the highest price that can fidget cube tomato be, but did not think or to the low Under normal circumstances, if there are several auctions of the fidget cube tomato same items when the auction is the first auction to sell the price is relatively high, followed by decreasing order, because people have to compete to buy over, a.yao should be installed and the health of the Golden God created a gold and yaoj ng loaded version of the same, but out of concern for Guan Min people, so at the moment are quiet down, waiting Lai fat On stage. Chapter 0549 Where does the recipe come from Chapter o549 Where does the recipe come from Lai fat on this opportunity is also looking forward to more publicity to the company is also a good thing, then got up and went to the auction station. buy fidget cube desk toy Lai fat on board the auction fidget cube feldspar for the second time, this treatment is the general family of the world are not the master of the house, but the rain has given the face of this home Of course, this face is directed at off the people Only for the customs of the people, have such a treatment Ladies and gentlemen, everyone, I believe we are very puzzled, our company s trauma and trauma yaoj ng loaded version, what is it Lai fat paragraph and talked about Now I will for everyone doubts Of course, the following guests in addition to Kang a very scornful doctor, the other family and wealthy businessmen have a deep interest And even the family of God, Dr. Kim.s, and immediately on the pan, and the other are ready, you see it. Oh, then I ll try this pork ribs stewed potatoes to see if the good out Zhong Pinliang went to the chef side, looked at the pot of ribs stew potatoes, said You go to me to find a bowl Sheng Out of a ribs I eat taste OK, you and so on Chef no way, turned out of the kitchen to go to the bell to light a bowl, these tableware is not on the kitchen, but on the side of the disinfection. Zhong Pinliang and other chefs turned away quickly from his pocket and pulled out a small bottle to open the lid will be inside the powdered poison all sprinkled into the pot in front of a pot of ribs stewed potatoes inside the high happiness there is not idle, Start pouring poison into the other dishes. Because the dishes are disinfected at the moment, the chef had to first disinfection cabinet closed in order to remove the dishes, so to waste some time, and these are enough time to make the bright and high fidget cube tomato Xiao Fu operation, the two will all the poison into the food Pot inside, the chef has not come back. School daily recipe is six dishes and one.

Fidget Cube Tomato it Lin Yi said. Ah Thanks Tang Yun immediately understand that Chu Mengyao is to thank Lin Yat before calling him, let him go to Chu Mengyao healing things, but Tang Yun for the eldest, or there are so hostile, So she did not want to go I will not go, right You do not want to come Then forget it Lin Yi also guess Tang Yun s mind, she and Missy between, there will certainly be grudges. Chu Mengyao would like to take over the phone, and Tang Yun said in person, but also no less than the face, so Chen Yushu made a wink, want her to say for themselves. Yaoyao sister, you see, Tang Yun dare not come Chen Yu Shu blinked his eyes, leaned in front of the cell phone Lin Yi said one. Chu Meng Yao immediately to anger straight shaking The Chen Yushu, really mad themselves Let her invite her on behalf of Tang Yun, she is to say such a thing This is not to continue and Tang Yun enemy Tang Yun Chen Yushu also heard the words over there, suddenly a bit anxious Who says I can not come I fidget cube tomato am now in the past Have to say, Chen Yushu s shock method fidget cube facebook is still useful, anyway, Tang Yun is to make a decisionsimply playing, which is his own did not expect. Lin Yi is now only infer that there is no absolute grasp of Chu Mengyao whether it is poisoning, but according to the present situation, so Chu Meng Yao wake up is not a difficult thing, but so Chu Meng Yao wake up, but not Able to fidget cube fuchsia maintain Off the old, stomach food testing, no problem Lin Yi, although so speculation, but still asked one. At least from the current laboratory report, there is no poison, but there are some herbal drugs or insect poison, with the chemical method is not detected out Lin Yi nodded his head and said This I know, I still have studied the poison, Tang poison basically covers the world of poison, detoxification method. It can be said that Lin Yi is a lot of research for the poison, and this is also the old man at home, Lin Yi do not understand why the old man poison, poisonous things like a soft spot, leading Lin Yi in the poison, detoxification is Quite experience. Tang Men poisoned by You read the Tangmen poison by Guan Xuemin face Huo a change, some incredible look at Lin Yi He had seen the ancient books, fidget cube keychain referring.

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