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Fidget Cube Turquoise ome accustomed to. Chu Mengyao did not say anything, Lin Yi, since something happens, she naturally bad and then pulled Lin Yi will not let him go, but a touch of said Then you be fidget cube darkred careful. Tang Yun is also relieved, Lin Yi have things to go out, it touches do not have to make any choice. In fact, before the Tang Yun is also very nervous, after all, Chu Meng fidget cube antiquewith Yao is the employer of Lin Yi, Lin Yi if they have to accompany them to eat, Tang Yun although angry, but not the overall situation of people do not know, Lin Yi and hold. But that will make Tang Yun s heart uncomfortable, as if lost to Chu Mengyao general. But now Lin Yi things, it touches on the situation can be avoided. There is something to go, I eat. Tang Yun smiled, and strive to make their smile happy some, some proud. Well, telephone contact. Lin Yi nodded, turned and walked out of the canteen. Point of so many dishes, white blind, right Liu Xinwen looked Chu Mengyao table meal, ridicule, said No one and you eat, waste food We eat their own, not work Chu Meng Yao saw Chen Yu Shu one, said Little Shu, the two of us, these dishes are.times, but this time his father said to the auction, also took out the beam, want to come It will not bounce Do not bounce Feng smiled to see the smile on his face, Feng Tianlong is also very happy No, a total of three, I can at least accompany you to see a Look at a von smile has been very satisfied, and this is enough for her 0487 auction opening Auction is a total of three days, each day will auction a number of different items.Of course, not to say that an invitation to participate in three auctions, to participate in three gold auction, please beam only those big family and very A small number of celebrities in order to have the ordinary red on the beam, are marked can participate in the first few games, only the day effective red invitations are fidget cube lightskyblue some ordinary rich and most celebrities can get, although it can participate in the auction Will, but no gold please beam so distinguished. Lai fat invitation is the red beam, but he has three days to get all the fidget cube turquoise invitations, and sent off the people, is the golden invitation, enough to see off the students and those large family, there is an.

i said the seriousness, dare not nonsense, and quickly closed his mouth. Chu Mengyao is also a sigh of relief, bitterly stared Chen Yu Shu one, heart Road, also, do you head Lin Yi day to do a look at you Lin Yi out of the left hand holding the right wrist Chu Mengyao, and then quietly transported from the inner Xuanyuan Yu tactic heart, Lin Yi can feel the energy of his body once again began to Chu Mengyao body poured into the inside , Is only such a little time, before the body transported to the body of Chu Meng Yao lost as much as half of the energy This is the first time Chu Meng Yao Lin Yi clear when the energy input to her body, Chu Mengyao also felt the same, I feel a surge of warmth through the hands of Lin Yi poured into his body, and with this stock The influx of warm, some of their original fatigue of the body, once again become his voice up Chu Mengyao eyes could not help scribbling a touch of splendor, Lin Yi really is not ordinary people Do not fidget cube uk for sale know where to get such a man Daddy, powerful some incredible, such a person, is to thirty thousand dollars, to do their own attendant, is naturally not against the right Kang God doctor is also quite round slippery, he did not say that Wu fidget cube turquoise will support, but said Wu will not anti Wu, so will not let Wu Chen day think he is in the pre emptive. fidget cube logo Of course, my little brother thing, that is my thing, how can I anti J right Wu Chen day patted breast chest is very loyalty, said I Wu Chen day friend a lot, but the real brother, He s a real brother Wu Chen day feel that his brother in front of Kang Zhaolong, but also the appropriate installation of Biao B, show their own tyrants of the gas, in order fidget cube discount to let him move, so also their own equipment to increase the B grade by adding a great increase benefit At that time a new installation B Wu Tie hand appears in front of Sun Jingyi, is not the hand can capture her heart Thought of this, Wu Chen day feel very proud Yesterday, although the expensive meal, but also worthwhile, not only from Lin fidget cube turquoise Yi who grasped the handle, but also through Feng smiled to learn how to install B, even more rare is that the collection of such a self Brother This life is simply wonderful Really lucky shipped a small Shu Chu Mengyao patient to the end Little Shu is my good sister, I do not want anything to hide from her Well, then I ll say Zhong Pinliang Chen Yu Shu fidget cube turquoise is actually not want to mix, because the identity of Chen Yushu dictates, so Zhong cheap fidget cube Pinliang had to fear. In the end you all right all right Chu Meng Yao stared a bell quality goods. There the dream Yao, you are the only child o Zhong Pinliang cautiously asked. One child Chu Mengyao surprised a moment What do you mean Uh that in other words, that is, Chu a child on your right Zhong Pinliang quickly explained. You this is not nonsense What do you want to say in the end Chu Mengyue more to hear the more Zhongle Liang is not to find words. Chapter 0537 and you like people Chapter o537 and you like people Oh, Yaoyao sister, I know it Chen Yushu suddenly said Little Ryoko chasing you catch up, and put your mind hit your sister Chu Meng Yao listened to Chen Yu Shu, then suddenly surprised a moment, this is really the meaning of this product Liang Thus, the puzzled look to the Zhong Pinliang. Chen Yushu was confuse.

Fidget Cube Turquoise shocking is the rhyme, rhyme and Lin Yi are kissed Liu Xinwen has been in the Tang Yun fidget cube turquoise and Lin Yi to show what step, but has been no progress. Tang Yun s expose today, so that Liu Xinwen sigh, The original quiet of the two men, have reached this point Oh, kissing is nothing, the Wrigley brother often hold Yao Yao sister, also touch her chest Chen Yu Shu Tang Yun also took a kiss, so he released a more world of news. Chu Mengyao want to say, Lin Yi how touched my chest But she also knows that at the moment Chen Yu Shu is in the face of their own contend for it, so Chu Mengyong Chen Yu Shu also acquiesced to the words. Lin Yi also touch my chest Tang Yun anxious, subconsciously quite chest to see her breasts are not me big, certainly not touch If in peacetime, Tang Yun will not say so shame, but the rabbit anxious also bite people, Tang Yun Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yu Shu Shu anxious, so I do not choose, this sentence is almost Blurted out Say it, even the Tang Yun himself shocked, this is what I say How so shameless Actually, and other children to the nv better than anyone who touched the chest.sterday sent Xiaokun to track, was Lin Yi to the present. There is no big deal, we are close to the Department of Divine Medical Pharmaceutical Division ready to tomorrow s auction, plus a lottery Lai fat said. Oh There are auction items Rain Haitian eyes suddenly light up Yesterday, longevity detoxification Dan s response, but unprecedented, if Lai fat really what the auction out, that for the auction is also quite favorable. There is, there is no, not out before, but also some people say that we imitate the health of God, but we have to market products, there is a gold and almost a traumatic drug, so tomorrow we want to auction is the trauma Medicine hardcover version. Lai fat man said. Oh You have to auction the hardcover version Haitian rain looking a bit weird, but still said Tonight, Kang home already prepared a hundred copies of their Kangshengyijingjinlao hardcover version of the auction, it is estimated To meet the needs of the auction market Rain Haitian did not go on, because he believed that fat will certainly understand his next words, that is, if you re auction tomorrow.

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