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Fidget Cube Uae soup, just a lot, seven bottles of poison just under a good go. If less a dish, not a good operation. In fact, in a meal to a total of six dishes and one soup very few people, in addition to those rich people, almost no one would do However, a lot of good students to each other but it is to gather together in small groups make a table, and each person to buy a two different dishes, you can put six dishes a soup all fidget cube uae the. This situation is very common in students, so the risk of poisoning greatly increased. And other chefs to bring the dishes, Zhong Pinliang has a good time to stand again in the cauldron stew pot next to the pot, and see the chef back, some impatient how so slow Can not wait Chopsticks in the disinfection cabinet, take up less fidget cube rosybrown convenient Chef explained with a wry smile The bell less, you now try Well, you hurry up Zhong Pin goods bright nodded, pointing to the pot inside, said This ribs it, on this piece, and this meat fat The chef quickly to Zhong Pinliang optimistic about the ribs Sheng out, handed in the past. Zhong Pinliang can fidget cube uae not wait, the ribs clip out into the mouth to.Meng Yao, suddenly Surprised This is not the daughter of chairman of it She also fainted Wang Zhifeng forehead sweat suddenly rain, but also refused to ask, and quickly to the principal Dingbing Gong called to report the situation here Ding, where are you There are more than a dozen students in the school unconscious situation, including Chu Dong s daughter Chu Meng Yao Wang Zhifeng can not handle, and only to Dingbing Gong phone. Ding Binggong went to the Board of Education meeting, noon back to school there is no food, but with several other school principals ate a little something with the outside, at the moment received a phone Wang Zhifeng, suddenly frightened, And other principals refused to give explanation, but said a school out of children, the driver hurriedly pulled out of the hotel ran out of the car, only to continue to ask Pharaoh, what do you say More than 10 students in a coma There Chu Mengyao In the end how going children Li is a doctor, these students in the end was what disease ah How all of a sudden there have been so many students collapsed in the past Wang Zhif.

tic can not let Jianwen unconscious continuation of coma, so in order to be safe, so successful operation of kidney transplant success, Lin Yi simply do it themselves. If there is no anesthetic, it does not fidget cube uae matter, An Jianwen within a few hours is not waking up. Chapter 0648 Song Ling shan s trouble Chapter 64 Song Ling shan s trouble Lin Yi will be sick of clothes off the body, and then the clothes Jian Jian fidget cube cost tattoo down for their own body, the sick clothes to wear An Jianwen, gave him wearing a surgical cap, on the stretcher surface , At least from the outside, not very familiar with the Jianwen people will not recognize it. After all this, Lin Yi chic out of the surgery room, went downstairs to look for Song Ling Shan. As for the clothes before being taken off inside, in addition to a cell phone and a box of silver needles, and no other things, and Lin Yi is not anxious to go back to take, in case of Jian Jian s men how to fidget cube uae do Song Ling Shan stumbled to wake up, you know when the The other fidget cube adhd person obviously should have been aware of their identity, otherwise, put himself in the dungeon, why, you do not look at Yao Yao sister s body Oh, after some opportunity to see Now the first task is to cure Yao Yao sister, Yaoyao sister died, you do not see it Chen Yu Shu Chu Meng Yao either lying in bed can not move, really want to kick to Chen Yushu to kick the outer space, let her go to stimulate the aliens. Oh, fidget cube uae oh, I do not know anything, also said nothing Chen Yu Shu quickly shut up. Lin Yirong can not help, the sisters really is fun, but also have to say, small and Yaoyao feelings really did not say that in Yaoyao coma, the most nervous than her, but now know Chu Meng Yao saved, but laughing up. Yaoyao, I want to touch your armpit temperature. Lin Yi is the first time to give people to force the drug, but also to ordinary people to force the drug, the difficulty can be imagined So every step, Lin Yi will be careful to be careful not to have a trace of the error, otherwise the consequences fidget cube instructions would be unthinkable. Ah Chu Meng Yao sip a Minzui, although shy, but still nodded his head. Lin Yi stretched out the needle of the right hand, touched the armpit Chu Mengya.Zhong Pinliang is not a fool, should not make such a stupid thing. So Lin Yi to focus shifted to other places, there are Chu Peng and Forbes to find the resort is enough, Lin Yi is a direct continued up the mountain. Standing on the fork in the mountains, Lin Yi stopped. Many tourists up the mountain, but to say direction the fork in the road, it should not be too much Although the mountain is a scenic spot, but it is inevitable There are some grass climbing sub, grass snakes and the like, especially in summer, no one will go all the way to this dangerous place. Lin Yi leaned over looked at the trail on the bifurcated grass, it should be someone passed passed, carefully distinguish between, should not only one person. Lin Yi will be holding the mighty generals on the ground, the mighty generals on the road, but scared not light, it does not know Lin Yi holding it to do, not to kill it, right Want to escape, but also feel that Running Lin Yi, but also can can only wait for the upcoming quivering things. Lin Yat now put it on the ground, it smelled the taste of the host of Chu Mengyao, in its v.

Fidget Cube Uae d by the expression of a delay, he did not expect such a force to Chen Yushu, so Niubi reasons can come up with, dry cough twice explained I do not mean that Oh, do not he is now the uncle of the uncle s illegitimate daughter Chen Yu Shu asked curious to continue. Chu Xiaoyao Chen Yushu brought Wrigley brother, suddenly my heart a tight, stare at her. This thing, how can we let Zhong Pinliang know Chen Yushu spit tongue I do not open a joke Wrigley brother What is it Zhong Pinliang hear foggy, these two chicks say Nothing, you have something to say Chu Mengyao obviously do not want to explain. Zhong Pinliang no more thing, what his Arrow license brother, the first thing to get their own things to say. Then said I mean, dream Yao, you have no sisters and the like Sister Chu Meng Yao Lengle Leng What sister My sister is Chen Yushu ah I do not mean that the sisters, is uncle Chu, there is no other daughter Zhong Pinliang careful asked. Another daughter Zhong Pin liang, in the end you mean Halt There can not say something at once Chu Mengyao a little angry, and this man in.he other people nodded, these people apart from anything else It will fidget cube midnight be light To hold the fidget cube quartz bell, and brought into a van not far away. An Jianwen sitting in the van s co pilot position, watching Zhong Pinliang was arrested, only ferocious said dare to play Chu Meng Yao s idea, do not clean up what he did not know Tiandao original fidget cube Di thick You will not have Joseph in the Future In the western suburbs of Matsuyama City, a garbage disposal station behind, Zhong Pinliang was four Han promoted a basement, the basement which is full of disinfectant flavor, so Zhong Pinliang could not help but hit a sneeze. You are what people Catch me in the end to do Do you know who my father Is the bell white Sensible fast put me, otherwise, you have good looking Zhong Pinliang sine Li s big roar Cried. Mom, you call what Want to die, right A tattoo man came over, a slap shot in the face of Zhong Pinliang to dare to shout here, I see you live twist You Zhong Pinliang surprised and angry, but not too angry too tattooed male, this guy looks like a triad, although I also triad, but now he is a tiger Pingyang was D.

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