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Fidget Cube Uk For Sale d his head, began to express their views on the action plan. Lin Yatang just hang up soon to hear the footsteps of the door getting closer, the person is clearly coming to the bathroom. Lin Yi some wonder, who is going to the toilet The thought is a waiter, but come to Lin Yi is slightly surprised a moment. Is Chen Yutian came in, Lin Yi smile a bit, you know Chen Yu day must come to their own, otherwise, will not come to this public toilet. Instructor, special training brigade o197 report to you Chen Yu tian stood straight upright, solemn and serious to Lin Yixing a military salute, neat and simply said. Oh fidget cube on youtube Lin Yi faint smile, but did not respond, but shrugged I m just a attendant, not your instructors. Lin Yi did not return ceremony, it shows that Lin Yi has set aside the previous identity, Chen Yu day ceremony is a white King His face a lag, but it is not without a trace of fidget cube uk for sale disrespect Instructor, you go after I heard you are to perform a special mission to go, how will Long back. fidget cube how much does it cost Lin Yi s tone is still very indifferent Long ago said, I fidget cube inen am not your instructor, is the servant.students I have to cure. Oh, I know it Chen Yu Shu nodded his head Yao Yao Jie, then you have to urinate a while, must fidget cube uk for sale tell me Oh, I go to get the cup Chu Meng Yao Although it is very shy, wait for them to find a seam to drill into, in particular, I heard that Lin Yi also study her urine, his face is burning, but Lin Yi said the father of the company s reputation, Chu Mengyao The rest, only moved Lin Yi is not only difficult to cure themselves, but also for the father s reputation is not affected, and go to the treatment of the remaining 27 students Lin Yi is only a shield to their employment, there is no need for such a month salary of 30,000, but doing a lot of things out of this salary Whether it is their own or small Shu, as long as there is something, the first one is definitely Lin Yi, he seems to do anything, what can do, like a versatile nanny, as long as Lin Yi appeared, and their small will Shu Very at ease, very assured This is not just a attendant duties, and Chu Mengyao do not know how to thank Lin Yi, this moment, she would rather not have this layer of employment between Lin Yi.

ng Shen Yi is livid face, before speculation is one thing, to determine is the same thing, his face naturally Will not be good Bragging who will, the key is to have the effect Kang Feng Feng Lengheng a cry. Grandpa, our family formula, Kang their home there Kang Zhaolong at the moment but thought of another thing, that is, the formula is not leaked Should not be you suspect, they have recipes Kang God soon understand the meaning of the word inside the Longhua. Well, Kang and their relationship is very good, I am afraid the formula is Kang leaked out Kang Zhaolong frowned, said Otherwise, why did not they start to set up the company of God Medical yao Kang began after the establishment of the company, but also out of such a nong out of the same yao Boss should not read the formula Kang God doctor is shook his head, although he fell out and brother, but it is also because of this formula was falling out, and had to use the recipe for their own Financial, but Big Brother has insisted This formula can not move, can not look at one, so it caused a brother of the two contradictions Should t.ill at home waiting for me, I have to go back early, if she is hungry, I have to give her instant noodles Eat it Oh, since Miss Chu is in your house, and you have not eaten, please go to the hotel with me, said Forbes, I prepare Miss fidget cube kickstarter for sale Chu every day. Also, then give me. Zhong Pin bright point of the nod, heart Road, his dinner this time there is a landing. Went to the Peng Exhibition Hotel will be taken to dinner, Fubo will be Zhong Pinliang Zhong Pinliang sent to the villa downstairs bell house, Forbes carrying lunch boxes wanted to go up and Zhong Pinliang, but was stopped by the product Liang. Mr. Zhong Pinliang, I would fidget cube kickstarter for sale like to see Miss Chu, and ask her what is needed, today it was late, I am afraid it can not go back, I went to her to buy some toiletries. Forber faint explanation. Oh, this ah, no Zhong Pinliang how can Fu Bo up Chu Mengyao not see up, what is not revealed the secret Quickly waved his hand and said Forber, Yao Yao at the moment is certainly not dressed, you go up, then inconvenient Oh, then you go ahead, let her wear clothes Forber suggested. This her body a Thousands of bottles of damage compensation This Wu Chen day too prodigal, right Casually pinch a sudden, let yourself a million This price is simply incredibly expensive Put away the bill, Kangzhao Long loaded to do nothing like the appearance and Wu Chen day down the stairs to go, Wu Chen day sense of j said As the dragon ah, you really solve my urgent needs, Xiaojia that guy is not Kaopu, fidget cube amazon Oh, they can be considered my relatives, and not a lot to say anything. Kang said Long said with a smile. Yes ah, the two of you end up a family, Wu Chen day nodded his head Anyway, you accept this brother I am, after a while despite open We will support you Kangjia family That is really too grateful Kang said, laughing dragon, the heart began to plan a plan, a plan so Kangjia Fei Huang Tengda Originally, if Kang family auction in this family before the longevity detoxification Dan s formula to, even if only a small part of the production, will also be upgraded to the family fidget cube dice stress home health a bargaining chip Once a family, that level of exposure is not just the current level, and that is a higher lev.

Fidget Cube Uk For Sale small kun, eventually gave up shot to kill his intention, in different places, Lin Yi do not want to lead to too much trouble. Since the front of this person, do not see too much hostility to their own, Lin Yi is only a warning to him about it, as long as he is fidget cube uk for sale no longer follow their own just fine. Looked at the back of Lin Yi left, Xiaokun was frowned, he was a bit puzzled, in front of this looks very ordinary young people are how their own. However, now keep up with the words, obviously a bit inappropriate, and small kun can only dial the Uncle s phone Uncle, the other is me Oh Middle aged man slightly surprised a moment Now you have each other a master bodyguard It is not clear, I do not know how they are, but I let the young man to stop, and asked me if I was not tracking him Xiao Kun is also very depressed, really should be the sentence, and often Where to go in the river does not wet shoes, they actually capsize capsize, that is a very simple task of tracking, but was to see through. Middle aged fidget cube uk for sale man pondered a fidget cube uk for sale moment, said You are this while, on the next their company, I look fo.implementation of small tasks, the only affection is the Master and the old man, but the two men are very harsh. Well, I now ask, I have Liu Xinwen phone. Kang Xiao hexie wave should be down. Hang up the Hong Xiao hexie wave phone, Lin Yi Cai smiled back to the phone What thing Today I helped you so much busy, you do not thank me Feng smiled and said smile. Lin Yi waiting for Kang Xiao hexie wave back to phone it, naturally did not mind and Feng smiled ink. No, no matter how busy I am. Hey What do you mean Run out of people do not it Feng Xiao xiao anxious, angrily accused Lin Yi is not authentic. run out threw Lin Yi s head a few black lines to rise, this saying, a little bit ambiguous right What used to throw As if she had made her look like. Then how would you like to thank Lin Yi had asked. I eat dinner, I want to eat delicious Feng smiled and said. I can not afford seafood, beef noodles it, eat not eat. Lin Yi said faint. Oh smiled indifferent nodded What is not important to eat, the key is to eat with who Lin Yi some silent hung up the phone, this Feng smiled and did not k.

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