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Fidget Cube Violet r signal disappearance of the place, there is a wasteland, not far from the open road There is an abandoned factory. However, Liu Wang Li, who surrounded the factory, but rushed to empty The factory which has been empty, but the people inside is obviously a hurry to leave, and leave the time will not be too long Because there are more than light bulb above the temperature, that has been lit before. The ground is also free to throw some instant noodles bags and other food waste, there are some broken rope. Obviously, the other is prepared But because of this, Liu Wang force is worried, this shows that the other person should be to see through the identity of Song Ling Shan, just fled, and Song Ling Shan body of the transmitter, should also be destroyed. Thought of this, Liu Wang Li while anxious, hesitated a moment, or call the competent director Yang Huaijun phone. Yang Bureau, I am a criminal investigation team Liu Wang force, you fidget cube violet rest It is already more than 12 o clock at night, Liu Wang Li Yang Huaijun afraid of sleep. Just sleep, what happened Yang Huai Jun Lin Yi since taking the prepara.turned away, what does it mean Lin Yi nodded his head, pushed out the door smiled Feng room, leaving only a back. Well Feng smiled angrily stomp the stomping Dead Lin Yi, be careful when you pull out your eyeball when the bubble step Gas over, but think of Lin Yigang was praised his body is also good, Feng smiled and a little happy, his body looks pretty good, Lin Yi on their own, not without interest If in time, I am afraid they can capture the hearts of Lin Yi, right Thought of this, Feng smiled and happy up, especially on the phone just take pictures, can be as their own killer If you let Tang Yun see, hum, Lin Yi finished it Lin Yi Feng smiled do not know how to think, but also no time to think about how she thought, out of the Song smiled and smiled at the Songjiang International fidget cube violet Hotel, began to check from their own strength. Yellow order early Lin Yi s face suddenly exposed a hint of a smile, like the original, from an ordinary person to the initial strength of the yellow order, but spent nearly five years, and now, just a few hours only It seems that Jiao Yazi said nothing wrong, thei.

us injuries, but Chu Peng is entirely due to contract the reason, did not dismiss him This is not the tone fidget cube on sale of words, Li bile flowers really difficult to determine the true intention of Chupeng Exhibition Li bared to spend his teeth, heart bitterly said I do not know where Mr. Lin Chu is to find it Is a bodyguard company, or a novel on which powerful organization fidget cube uk I recommend you to a bodyguard Chapter 0603 is again tracked Section o6o3 is again tracked Oh, I am afraid it is less than a. Chu Peng exhibition faint, said Lee boss, what else Although the show did not say anything, but also has been in the words of Li bile flowers and refused to turn away, but the wise thousands of worry or a loss, how he did not expect, he refused the sentence, or be Li bile To listen to Something to come Chu Peng said, please do not come, not to say please do not come, that is, Lin Yi should be alone, and there is no same door, then this way, there is no deal with Lin Yi to worry about it Li bile hearts ecstasy, Chu Peng exhibition you an old fox ah, you did not expect it I came here, in fact, do not want to dig.iness Money Li bared not bother him, this brother is really arrogant to no edge But the younger brother out of the matter, can not either The other side in your hand and body inserted a needle You will not go to the hospital Call me what s the use Li Lei surprised a moment, ah, so how obedient it Should now do is to go to the fidget cube violet hospital, rather than to call the cousin Cousin is not a doctor, can not cure their body s needles This needle in the end there is no problem, not to the hospital at a glance fidget cube sandybrown Ro Chapter 0714 Nothing Chapter o714 nothing Thought of this, Lee landed the phone hung up, got a not lying on the floor of the younger brother, accompanied her rushed to the First People s Hospital. Under the eyes of everyone surprised, Lee mine that is ashamed The hospital people are like watching monsters, like watching him, after all, he was covered with silver needles, and hedgehogs, do not know the truth of the people, but also how he thought it Lee did not dare to stay in land mines, came directly to the surgical clinic, he is on the road mixed, men are often no lack of conflict and others we.actually be so beautiful, just too unexpected. Moreover, it does not look older, should not have married. Hooked nose man smacked a smack, some envious, but hesitated a moment, or dialed a number. Tattoo brother, caught a fat sheep. Hooked fidget cube violet nose man whispered, for fear of awakening Song Ling Shan, but he did not know, Song Ling Shan has been awake. Oh, very good, for a while I sent to pick up. The phone is An Jianwen s confidant tattoo male The degree is also good, put forward praise, make persistent efforts, let them continue to grasp fat sheep Chapter 0636 you caught her Chapter o636 you caught her Of course, the tattoo brother, I have sent them to find a new target Hooks nose man carefully said, in fact, the hooked nose man is very clear that the two guys took the money to drink wine after the , One night to find a target on the good, where to go back to find a second So he quickly flatter, said Yes, tattoo brother, fat sheep is a little girl, looks very spirited, maybe a child or a place You can enjoy fidget cube adult the first Oh Is it I know. Tattoo male to listen to, did not show anything, just.

Fidget Cube Violet en with the sea to the bookstore, see Guan Xin went to the medical area, so he began to think about how to strike up a conversation. Guan Xin naturally did not perceive someone to track their own, after all, she is not a criminal investigation, and can not now Kang lighting in her not far away. Today, Guan Xin to the bookstore, is to buy some books on Chinese and Western medicine assistant physician examination, before school, although she is majoring in nursing, but also read the professional integration of Chinese and Western medicine, was fidget cube review and unboxing also read this because Grandpa Is an excellent Chinese medicine, Guan Xin could not bear to let his old disappointed, only to choose a and Chinese related professional as a second major. But after graduation, Guan Xin still feel that they are not suitable for Chinese medicine, so when a nurse, Guan Xue Min Although disappointed, but did not say anything. After all, Guan Xin is a girl, Guan Xuemin did not place any hope. Chapter 0608 Kang lighting strike up Chapter o6o8 Kang lighting approached And now want to pick up the Commissioner off the professional.not stir up trouble ah Lin Yi did not take the words of Tang Yun, Tang Yun worry that he is understanding, but Lin Yi s mind has been set, and dare to move Tang fidget cube malaysia Yun, Lin Yi how could easily let go Tang Yi Lin Yi did not see to see, to know that Lin Yi is to vent for their own, but not afraid of those who Lin Yi s opponent, especially Lai fat just said it was scary, what four family ah five small family ah, Sounds scary And that Zhao Qibing is more than four family and five small family more powerful hidden family relations, Tang Yun how can not nervous She can now not break phase, and fidget cube skyblue naturally want to be safe and Lin Yiping together, do not want To get into trouble Lin Yi. Lin Yi Tang Yun moved, but more afraid of trouble Lin Yi ah Lin Yi, if something happens, how she can do Oh Lin Yi faint sneer Before he moves you, you fidget cube violet should take into account the consequences. You you do not kill ah Tang Yun Lin Yi know that powerful, and anger shot when the consequences will be reckoned, but she was afraid of trouble Lin Yi Then she would Not for her Lin Yi succeed Killing Lin Y.

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