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Fidget Cube With 10 Color Schemes anted to picked up a kitchen knife to desperately, but although she is violent, but not a fool, know Zhao Qibing around master bodyguard, himself can not be how to Zhao Qibing. Tang Yun was smashed the phase, Liu Xinwen this is very angry very worried, but Lin Yi will be broken to the legs of Zhao Qibing, and this mouth foul smells out But that night injured Lin Yi, and Tang fidget cube scarlet Yun and Chu Mengyao and tit for tat, so that Liu Xinwen Lin Yi did not have the opportunity to ask. Interrupted, and his building is I find someone to tear down. Lin Yi faint said, in his view, this punishment is fidget cube with 10 color schemes nothing, not kill Zhao Qibing is cheap him. I rely on You too cattle The news which, because the quality, but off the collapse. Liu Xinwen naturally know the Jones Building down, but do not know Lin Yi to the down, because the news which is their collapse , Then Liu Xinwen to wonder, even if the opening of Zhao Qibing then do conscience to do shabby works, can not make his own office building into a shabby project ah, which much more brain damage ah Now Liu Xinwen know, the original truth is not the case But this.say no use After not allowed to say this thing Chu Meng Yao can only be second best, warning Chen Yu Shu Road. Well, do not say it Chen Yu Shu nodded his head Yao Yao Jie, then we do now Bored in the hospital ah, I do not stay here, the taste of disinfection made me dizzy Chu Meng Yao is actually not want to continue to stay inside the hospital, although she had just recovered from the coma, but the whole body is full of endless effort to make, do not know Lin Yi in his body what to do hands and feet, and Chu dream Yao grateful at the same time, the thought of his body to see him, or even more tragic in front of him, there is a want to die impulse. Ro Chapter o697 impulse to want to die a. Chapter 0698 Super Good News Good news for chapter o698 Where do you want to go Chu Meng Yao asked. Or we go home to play hide and seek, right Chen Yushu suggested. Hide and Seek You will not be the spring, and would like to be a fence clip, so Lin Yi touch you Mimi Chu Meng Yao Chen Yushu rejected the offer. Home to so little place, and occasionally play hide and seek is also OK, o.

d, the tone of the morning there is no enthusiasm. But God did not care God, he thought the rain Haitian so deliberately to other people to see it After all, the rain family as the annual meeting of the family organizers, can not openly stand behind the other one, as the chain reaction caused by too much It does not matter, Mr. Rain Affairs busy, do not participate. Hear the rain sea days Such an interpretation, Kang Shen Yi Haitian thought it was rain to his face it, the hearts of more happy up. Old Kang, you told us to come, what is it Talking, is the home of the Song family Song Xiangwen, where he is the Song, is one of the four world, ancient martial arts family, the family is also out of a mysterious Order master, is the owner of the Song to the text of the younger brother, but because of early breakthrough hopelessness, and out of the experience to find opportunities, has not returned, dead or alive. Otherwise, Song of the limelight is worse than Wu But even so, Song Xiangwen is still very hard to speak, which is also the peak of his own late stage strength of the yellow order. Well, I.this time actually laughing out, suddenly some strange face coke old, how do you think I am like a schadenfreude Nature is not, I just think, swap out on the bar, the yellow order late peak strength, is not a big deal, how can off. Jiao Ya sub waved, does not matter. Coke old, you said it touches light, I have a lot of good or bad fidget cube violet Lin Yi some silent So I can not hide back to the mountains I said xiao Yi, you are too unpromising, right A yellow order late peak strength is not, fidget cube mediumseagreen put your worry to hide back home, you can not do big business Jiao fidget cube with 10 color schemes Ya son looked at the forest ridicule Plaza. Uh Huang order late peak strength, in your old eyes naturally nothing, but at least 6 sided fidget cube with case let me protect themselves uh Lin Yi suddenly slightly Yie, eyes flashed a trace of joy, looking at the coke Teeth child Jiao old, do you have a solution You do not know Jiao Yazi faint smile looked at Lin Yi. If I know, can ask you Lin Yi some helpless, this seems to be naughty teeth very, quite the meaning of the old urchin. I thought you know. Jiao Ya Zi said such a simple thing, you out of class, and th.d the eldest thing, now how concerned about her head gauze Lin Yi know where, Tang Yun is eager to know if they have disfigured, if really disfigured, Tang Yun really afraid of their competition, but Chu Mengyao Although Tang Yun did not say it, but the faint, a woman s sixth sense to let her feel, Chu Mengyao for Lin Yi s performance, it seems not just Lin Yi said, just to revenge did not report to fidget cube with 10 color schemes her Yesterday in the villa home Lai fat, Chu Mengyao behavior can be understood as jealousy Of course, Lin Yi did not say, Tang Yun will not say it again. It should be, I give you fidget cube with 10 color schemes open look. Lin Yi said, to reach out to solve the Tang Yun head gauze. Tang Yun is bowed his head, and some look forward to the gauze to open the moment, his forehead on the situation. Oh Lin Yi looked at the forehead of Tang Yun bright and clean, could not help but sigh of relief, although Lin Yi on their own configuration of drugs are confident, but after all, related to Tang Yun, he was a little nervous. How Tang Yun hastily asked. You look in the mirror to know. Lin Yi laughed. Ro Chapter 0612 The next time m.

Fidget Cube With 10 Color Schemes , but also can not change anything If the boss is willing to control a tube like Think of Lin Yi then even the soldiers of the Jones Building, Jones even dare to tear down, but will become a crippled Zhao Qibing, but also what not at all, just some incredible ah The most do not understand is that Zhao is not revenge Really bullying afraid of hard ah In fact, Kang Xiaobo do not know, Zhao Qibing how no revenge He is a revenge on the development of Chu Peng, but did not expect to be resolved by Lin Yi Well, we are flat people, those who fidget cube are also worse than the underworld, which we dare to do against them Xiaofen s father shook his head Lin Yi, how can the tube over Do not give him trouble Xiaofen parents do not want to ask Lin Yi and Zhao Qibing to talk about, to their own more compensation, but where people Lin Yi will help you do this kind of thing Lin Yi probably do not care about those compensation, from his approach to deal with Zhao Qibing will be able to see, fidget cube with 10 color schemes he is not bad money, is to export foul smells. Kang Xiaobo did not dare to casually down, can only wait to see Lin Yi, and then he.s impossible as he said That way. But at the moment Chu Mengyao phone off, Chen Yushu also can not contact, Zhong Pinliang as a key figure, must be controlled to say it So, Fu Bo quietly moved the car, and then on the goods Zhongliang said Mr. Chu is still in the company, but I have to make a phone call to confirm it. No problem, you hit it Zhong Pinliang has now eaten the Forbes can not be how he would, so do not care Even if the advance notice of the Chu Peng show that how Anyway, sooner or later have to see Chu Peng s show. Forbes nodded his head and dialed the phone. Chu Peng exhibition these days can be described as downwind, the company is not the Golden Gupta, there is no Xie Guangbo, Lin Yi, the second largest fidget cube dimensions shareholder and full authority Chu Peng Zhan all fidget cube case decision making power, Ever since the Board of Directors Ye Hao, shareholders meeting Well, all into a Chu peng exhibition hall No small shareholders dare not know how to jump out and Chu Peng show against Because of the fate of Jingu Bang and Xie Guangbo placed there, who do not want to be the next target. Chu Peng is now holding.

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