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Fidget Cube Yellow to master, and Zhu Bo head on Of course, if Lin Yi is the mysterious order of the mid term, in the case of head on, although it can not discuss good, but definitely be able to kill Zhu Bo s Now Zhu Bo did not die, Lin Yi did not hurt, which some weird If Lin Yi is really much higher than the strength of Zhu Bo, it is not possible to hurt, but if Lin Yi Zhu Bo strength than really much higher, Zhu Bo can survive it I am afraid that long ago died, right Hyun order master in the mid term under such a head on, can kill each other, of course, will be injured And Lin Yi did not hurt, have not killed Zhu Bo, the only possibility is that either Lin Yi did not use all the strength, or is Lin Yi s medicine is very high, healed The first possibility, Forbes feel relatively small, after all, Lin Yi was very angry, however, how could mercy When he was cut off the legs of Zhao Qibing, Zhao Qibing or to do other things, if it really will not Zhu Bo in the eyes, put down Zhu Bo also can continue to start with Zhao Qibing, but Lin Yi did not do that, but chose to leave The most important thing is, Lin Yi is i.ngth, An Jianwen side is not a yellow order master, naturally not Songling Shan s opponent, he can not touch Song Ling Shan. Song Ling Shan looked at the phone without a signal, can not help but smile a bit, and sure enough Otherwise the efficiency of the work of Liu Wang, can not find their own where they can not let themselves in a coma for more than a night Of the time display, is now the next day at noon Their sleeping more than 10 hours. Song Lingling got fidget cube darkseagreen up and looked at the situation inside the dungeon, this defense measures, at least he is not get open, the thickness of the Dungeon iron gate, at least the top order of the yellow order master of the state can only break the peak of their own is the middle The next stage is far worse So Song Ling Shan do not do those useless, but continue to look for the dungeon there is no other export Suddenly, a strange fragrance began to fidget cube yellow diffuse in the air in the dungeon Song Ling Shan frowned, do not realize that they wake up to the other side, and began again through the dungeon inside the drug addicts Sure enough, after looking, S.

onggao is notoriously short, and the grandson is a high talent, usually nature is the baby is, what to what, others may not be untouchable Grandson with things, he will naturally go to his early Who is the fault of him, the other is what people But now, Guan Xuemin is the only person he can not offend one of the people in the school, he naturally is not good to find the trouble Lin Yi, a touch of Lin Yi saw a look, remember his appearance, Ready to look for opportunities to pack him. However, Wu Gong did not say anything high, but it is not willing to, directly on the fried temple You say who is a fidget cube navy liar You see you is a liar You even shit are not as good as Feng smiled and saw this person insulting Linyi for no fidget cube yellow reason, immediately do not want to, and she is what people ah Now she is playing the pursuit of Lin Yi, who insulted Lin Yi, Feng is also not equal to insult her smile did not look, fancy a liar it So Feng smiled naturally do not want to, staring Wu Chen day, but for many people, Feng smiled kicked kicked it Feng smiled what people Yeah, hit that is commonplace. Wu Chen day days to hear.tep home village Tattoo men quickly answered. Anyway, all right do not give me a call, I have this thing to do it Jianwen Mamalielie hung up the phone, put away the phone will turn back to the box. Lin Yi sideways sideways into a toilet, An Jianwen naturally did not see Lin Yatang just in his behind eavesdropping on his phone. Lin Yi, if not expected, the Jianwen Wen is the cut of the kidney group behind the master, but he cut kidney does not cut the kidney, the relationship between Lin Yi really small, as long as not cut themselves and their friends Head, Lin Yi really too lazy to Dali him. But Song Ling Shan since seeking their own head, Lin Yi also agreed to help her, so Lin Yi also decided to help her once. Looked at the toilet no one, Lin Yi dialed Song Ling Shan phone. In fact, this layer is a luxury box, each box has a separate toilet, so the public toilet hand, not a few people, in addition to the waiter, the guests almost no homes far and wide. Lin Yi Song Ling Shan Lin Yi received a phone call, some inexplicable surprise, although Lin Yi did not know what to find her things, but int.sses of it No problem Kang Zhaolong pleased to be down, he learned well, but not a nerd, on the contrary very human risk, at the moment to know to please Wu Chen day. Wang Xin Yan is quietly sitting there, do not say a word, listening to mp3, seems to side together, and he did not matter. See Wang Xin Yan does not speak, Kang is also very helpless dragon, but still do not mind Wu Chen day, sitting there and talk to Xiao Wang Pa up Lin Yi will be equipped with a good twenty bottles of trauma sent to Lai fat room, Lai fat did not think Lin Yi so soon nong Well, surprised apart, Lin Yi for their own wise decision to admire incomparable Their own boss the fidget cube pictures golden version of the installed version of yao, how we pricing You look at the price for this auction will not interfere, because the auction will be both wealthy businessmen, so that they do not have any blood. With the discretion of Lin Yi discretionary fat on the easy cao made, hesitated, Lai fat man said That boss, the loading version of the trauma yao, I can participate in the auction it You need this Lin Yi looked s.

Fidget Cube Yellow ength Mr. Zhong Pinliang, please. Forbes made a guest hand gesture. Zhong Pinliang silently nodded his head, no more words, directly from the office of Chu Peng exhibition, he also knows that Forbben this time fidget cube discount is enough to choke to send him back, but also not afraid of making a fool of. To keep up with him Explore the situation of Yaoyao. Wait for the bell fidget cube yellow liang left the office, Chu Pengzhao quickly told Fu Bobo Road. Yes, Mr. Chu Forbes nodded, and turned out of the office, not far away on the clock goods bright Mr. Zhong Pinliang, I send you back. Zhong Pinliang suddenly rejoicing, heart Road, which represents what On behalf of Chu Peng exhibition or the meaning of reconciliation Thought of this, Zhong Pinliang is also very happy mood up, for Chu Peng eventually agreed to this thing, but also have a lot of confidence Then trouble Forber. Zhong Pinliang seems to have fidget cube yellow been a door to law attitude. Forber naturally will not say anything, and Zhong Pinliang down the stairs to go, got on, only asked Mr. Zhong Pinliang go I go home ah Zhong Pinliang heart, can not let Forbes see flaws to Yaoyao st.the surface, the attitude is as if Lin fidget cube yellow Yi is down to the Freezing point, and Lin Yi moved to the beginning of the same time. However, really the same I am afraid only Chu Mengyao can say that they understand, or, she did not understand. These are fidget cube fake vs real enough, I do not have too much critical of food. Lin Yi said the truth, from small to large, has always been to pick their own food, where we fidget cube navyblue should adapt to local food, and in the mountains, simply There is no food, Lin Yi is what to eat, there is no choice at all. Chu Mengyao nodded, shouting to the waiter, the hands of the machine to the waiter, and then said There is no shark meat Shark meat That waiter slightly surprised a moment, then said Please wait, I help you ask. Then, the waiter picked up the walkie talkie, asked a moment, get the kitchen affirmative answer, only said Yes, Miss, do not know how you want to cook it Can barbecue I want to eat barbecue shark meat Chen Yu Shu said. Well, I help you ask. Waiter said, on fidget cube darkturquoise a detailed inquiry about the kitchen, and then said Yes, but this dish is your special custom, the charges may be higher, ma.

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