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Fidget Cube Yellowgreen other, fidget cube black and green ah, never seen Practice ah Ming less here to practice, you know these people ass Practice Run here to the practice of nasal bubbling Brain trouble Those people are some silent shook his head, no longer Dali Kang lighting. Kang lighting, although lost face, but think of their own because of the girl plan, or be sure to stick to it, can not give up halfway ah Be sure to practice their own fidget cube black and green cold Caixing Ah ah ah ah sneeze Kang lighting and hit a sneeze Matsuyama city media, under the guidance of the residual wolf, almost a one sided situation, all in the first high school attack, almost the first high school has been described as the devil high school terrorist base In fact, in addition to the residual wolf after that interview, Chu Peng and Ding Binggong also did not go to face any media, and the hospital emergency room, even if the media want to go in, is not approved by the hospital, so things The latest developments, these news media do not know. In order to be outdone, they can only fried wolf leftovers, the remnants of the wolf s article changed cloth, and t.can you complete this task Kang Zhaolong looked at health lighting fidget cube bisque asked. Ah Paoniu Kang lighting surprised a moment, then laughed This is my strength, ah, this package in my body now I can not say, fidget cube lightsalmon but the girl, it is quite good Kang medical practitioners listened to the words of health lighting, but also some dumbfounding, but his grandson, is not useless, these Pianmen things, really have to give him to do According to my investigation, this Guan Xin Wei school after graduation, in the hospital fidget cube yellowgreen when the nurses, the hospital is not a good thing, you can not afford to go to the hospital, But it is quite pure, should not have handed over a boyfriend, so this girl it, pure mind, though not a good start, but get fidget cube rosybrown started, will you dead set, you let her help you get some secrets, she also Willing to help you Oh, big brother, did not see you so powerful So know the girl s mind Kang lighting is very surprised, did not think did not pay the girlfriend s brother to the woman so understanding. This is only theoretical knowledge, you are the practice, so that this thing is fidget cube yellowgreen to rely on you ah Get recipes.

romoted to the operating room. Zhong Pinliang looked at a distance not far from their own surgical stretcher, there is also a stretcher, lying on top of a person, but wearing sick clothes, the head also with a one time surgical cap, under the lights in the surgery, Can not see who, but want to come, it should be Lin Yi no doubt Chung, you do not enter the operating room, and surgery powerhouse, I can not go in, if brought into the bacteria, infected Lin Yi d nothing, but will make Lang infected not good Tattoo men stopped Bell into the operating room. Well, I ll wait here Zhong Bai nodded his head This really thank you less security, and product quality can be so fast to find a suitable kidney ah It is nothing but coincides with its will it Tattooed man waved said. Zhong Pinliang was on the anesthetic, and over there, Lin Yi is An Jianwen, is also injected with anesthetic. As for why An Jianwen coma, the surgery did not want to know Dr. Wang, he has to do is to this person s kidney to Zhongpin Liang transplanted in the past. Dr. Wang since joining the organization after Jianwen, and kidney to.the fat will not take the ragged Lai Lai, this thing should still have effect. Thought of this, nodded and said Well, for a while I went to register it. And Lai fat greeting for a while, off the school people, Lai fat and Lin Yi only left the auction venue. For people like Guan Xuemin, rainwater stars to draw up naturally is sparing no effort. Moreover, the Department of Divine Medical Medicine Secretary of the public out of things that are not where the goods Sent off the students, the rain star a bit like to laugh, Kang Shen Yi brought a US muscle to support muscle Jinchuang Yao, also thinking about this thing as a bargaining chip into the family If the change to do the usual, but added enough, but it happens that people have brought a similar off the product Moreover, there are people in stock It is estimated that if the health of God knows, I am afraid it will tears, right fidget cube orengered He also wanted to use this pull relationship, but people are made into product sales, sales of his pre sale who also to whom Ertang Shu, today s situation, but enough complex ah Yu Haitian sighed. Oh, in fact, no compli.t But did not dare ask. Zhao Qibing to find a restaurant, he did not have any hobbies to eat, how to eat can eat, but the interest of women and money Here it, two lazy, to ask if there is no box Li Er lazy is fidget cube release a small bully in this area, the natural understanding of the fidget cube yellowgreen hotel owner here, go in, the Dalie Lie on the waiter The boss called out That waiter also know Lee two lazy, know he is a Hunzi, also did not dare to offend, and quickly nodded his head called the boss. The boss came out to see a two lazy Li, could not help but frowned The second lazy, this month is not to give you pocket money, how it The boss is not afraid of the two lazy, but for this bully, or give them a little bit of sweetness every month, or trouble it really is very troublesome. What is here I come to you here to eat Is worthy of you My boss came, and quickly prepare the box Lee two lazy stare a scolding curse My boss is Jones real estate company s Zhao Dong, from the provincial capital to The boss had heard about the transformation of the nearby shantytowns by Jones Jones handbags real estate company responsible for th.

Fidget Cube Yellowgreen d the eldest thing, now how concerned about her head gauze Lin Yi know where, Tang Yun is eager to know if they have disfigured, if really disfigured, Tang Yun really afraid of their competition, but Chu Mengyao Although Tang Yun did not say it, but the faint, a woman s sixth sense to let her feel, Chu Mengyao for Lin Yi s performance, it seems not just Lin Yi said, just to revenge did not report to her Yesterday in the villa home Lai fat, Chu Mengyao behavior can be understood as jealousy Of course, Lin Yi did not say, Tang Yun will not say it again. It should be, I give you open look. Lin Yi said, to reach out to solve the Tang Yun head gauze. Tang Yun is bowed his head, and some look forward to the gauze to open the moment, his forehead on the situation. Oh Lin Yi fidget cube yellowgreen looked at the forehead of Tang Yun bright and clean, could not help but sigh of relief, although Lin Yi on their own configuration of drugs are confident, but after all, related to Tang Yun, he was a little nervous. How Tang Yun hastily asked. You look in the mirror to know. Lin Yi laughed. Ro Chapter 0612 The next time m.nce of Lin Yi, then the sea is not to be buried in the belly of the fish Silly little girls, you just how not to run Lin Yi Feng smiled for the behavior of some angry does not run, if Feng smiled run, they do not have the water Now made a wet J J Lu flow , It is uncomfortable. My Mother left the I My Bracelet Feng smiled to the this Think of IT, at The Bracelet has found Not yet, But Also there are banks of the Gave at The Sea Shark Blood Fishy, Overlooking at The Child, looking for bracelets. What bracelet, you do not even have a life Lin Yi, after listening to some really dumbfounding. My mother left me the relics Feng smiled and looked embarrassed to Lin Yi, but his eyes did not dodge. This bracelet is too important for her, and Feng smiled do not want to lose. Relic This time it is the turn of Lin Yi surprised fidget cube yellowgreen a moment, but really as Feng smiled and said, Lin Yi Daoshi also understand Why Feng desperate to laugh also laugh at the bracelet. Just let Lin Yi did not expect is that Feng Xiaoxiao actually no mother. My mother left when I was very young Feng smiled and s.

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