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Fidget Cube er and Lin Yi has broken up, and would have expected her sister to borrow money, but now Sister, that my things how to do ah Xiaowei some depressed hung his head, the side of the small Dan is also the face of despair. Tang Wei Although snobbish, but not the kind of cold and ruthless people, the family is still very generous for the family Aunt even if the difficulties, even if it is difficult to do, You can not wronged you and Xiaodan, so that you will first send money to others Mom fidget cube That money you want to move I said to give back to Lin Yi Tang Yun an anxious, and today, and Feng smiled and said, to pay back the money to Lin Yi, how can move that T money Breakup fee is naturally yours Do you want to see your brother on the road to ruin Tang Yun Tang Yun stare a No matter what he wants a sum of money on the good, but also returned fidget cube dice stress to him I Tang Yun language plug, ah, the money should also, but things can not Xiaowei regardless. That how to do But if he really took it peace of mind of the money, then Lin Yi will see how their own He will certainly look at their own flat.denly said Wait What, rhyme Liu Xinwen put down the phone, looked strange Tang Yun rhyme, you should let him come Well, Tang Yun hesitated a moment, firm, said You tell him, I am broken phase, disfigured, and not beautiful If he does not come, you do not force. Chapter 0579 spy Shu 007 Chapter o579 spy Shu oo7 Liu Xinwen do not want to say Tang Yun disfigured things, she would like to let Lin Yi to say, but since Tang Yun asked, Liu Xinwen can only comply, she actually understand, Tang Yun Lin Yi is to see her in the end is Not really If Lin Yi is loving Tang Yun, Tang Yun is not even beautiful, fidget cube comparison Lin Yi will not matter whether this matter. However, if Lin Yi is closely related to the beauty of Tang Yun, so to say, Lin Yi probably will sit back and Wait. Tang mother also know her daughter s mind, could not help but sigh, evidently, Lin Yi in the end can not control her daughter, can only resign to the Liu Xinwen see Tang Yun firm, is not good to refuse to re pick up the phone, dial Lin Yi s number Chen, who is in the side whispered Yao Yao Jie, tell you a good news, a bad ne.

to master, and Zhu Bo head on Of course, if Lin Yi is the mysterious order of the mid term, in the case of head on, although it can not discuss good, but definitely be able to kill Zhu Bo s Now Zhu Bo did not die, Lin Yi did not hurt, which some weird If Lin Yi is really much higher than the strength of Zhu Bo, it is not possible to hurt, but if Lin Yi Zhu Bo strength than really much higher, Zhu Bo can survive it I am afraid that long ago died, right fidget cube mediumblue Hyun order master in the mid term under such a head on, can kill each other, of course, will be injured And Lin Yi did not hurt, have not killed Zhu Bo, the only possibility is that either Lin Yi did not use all the strength, or is Lin Yi s medicine is very high, healed The first possibility, Forbes feel relatively small, after all, Lin Yi was very angry, however, how could mercy When he was cut off the legs of Zhao Qibing, Zhao Qibing or to do other things, if it really will not Zhu Bo in the eyes, put down Zhu Bo also can continue to start with Zhao Qibing, but Lin Yi did not do that, but chose to leave The most important thing is, Lin Yi is i.hildhood sweetheart Who and he is childhood sweetheart Chu Meng Yao is anxious, and suddenly cha mouth to explain, as if the fear of others misunderstood in general. But finished, Chu Mengyao also feel some baffling, and explain the doing Childhood sweetheart how Chapter 0599 can not drive him away Oh, anyway, is a childhood playmate. Chu Peng Peng saw a deep child a smile, and then continued to smile, said But after I heard home on a large patron, the family moved to the capital of the East China Sea , And settled here on the business by the home The eldest son is responsible, An Jianwen out of the country, but also recently came back. Chu Meng Yao staring Lin Yi, this guy does not seem like a little care about their appearance Does not seem to care about themselves and An Jianwen is not childhood He is not nervous a little bit of their own However, the next Lin Yi, then let Chu Mengyao disappointed, Lin Yi and not in the topic of childhood entangled. Lin Yi just nodded his head Uncle Chu never heard of an organ smuggling criminal gangs You are skeptical, An Jianwen and the criminal gang.use in a conference room, the rain Haitian received a variety of home owners, of which Wu s home owner Wu Gong high absence, is played by the Wu Chen days for the. The Xiaojia, it is an accident by the second appearance of Xiao this. Rain star did not show up, which makes some people accidentally Kang home After all, the rain is now outside the family thing is rain stars, and rain Haitian only rain outside the home business person in charge only. Morning, although the rain did not star, but the health god is not a fool, has guessed that the rain star is behind the remote control of the rain Haitian, and thought he threw enough chips, the night can see the rain star. However, the fidget cube rain did take the shelf of the fidget cube capital of the stars, he did not come forward, Kang Shen Yi did not think too much. Moreover, the idea of the accident is only fleeting, and soon the health of God to be upgraded family of hope and joy dazzled the family. Kang God doctor, two uncle at night there is something, do not come to participate, and entrusted me to represent. Rain Hai day saw a miracle working health, light sai.

Fidget Cube u Mengyao quietly sitting at the dining table to stay, thinking back to their own unusual behavior, this is their own And Tang Yun actually go to their own jealousy But also proud of her fidget cube mediumturquoise and announced that he was going to pursue Lin Yi How can this be Absolutely impossible Must be their dream But Chu Mengyao pinch their own, but now is not in the sleep, but in reality. Think of the scenes before, Chu Mengyao some blush Lin Yi to pursue their own Lin Yi to pursue their own almost That if he pursues his own words, oneself will agree Is a direct refusal, or give A. Chu Meng Yao faint some expectations, and some shy, more is a loss, today s things out of the eldest of the psychological endurance, do say things are completely under the fidget cube grey anger, some do not go through the brain. Now think of it, Chu Mengyao some blush Yaoyao, small Shu, this first glass of wine, you respect Lin Yi, thank you for saving you. Chu Peng exhibition seated after the Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu said. Oh, well Chen Yu shu lifted the drink in front. And Chu Mengyao, but still in the stay, it seems that did not hear and other health lighting After three people away from the white coat inside to work out three big purse, beat open, could not help but instantly festive, eyes bent into a crescent shaped I did not expect these three Hell, this is your lascivious end, so you go on the morgue travel Beautiful nurses will crush fidget cube darkturquoise the money out of the money into his pocket, and then three windows down the wallet down. Before long, Wang nurse came back, holding a hand inside the infant, to see fidget cube for anxiety the three people are not in the health lighting, and some strange and asked The three people Wang nurses, but also to see some people do not fly health lighting, a little lesson about him only, anyway, people can not die cold, deliberately go out to do the first thing fidget cube to do, ready to come back and give them an injection, but came back Now people are gone. May not wait to go somewhere else to inject it Pretty nurse crush pretending not to know the way, bounce to go over, the nurse in the hands of swaddling clothes hold over, looked and said wow , Is a lovely fidget cube princess Oh Yes ah, these parents are really hard hearted, so lost.

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