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Original Fidget Cube ghting before the experience of view, this girl has not had a boyfriend is very simple, it is easy to use, but in fidget cube light blue fidget cube ship date the Guan Xin here is touched the wall. Such as health and lighting to go after a very good and care of the nurse Li Xiaomei looked at the corridor of the roses, could not help but Pielepiezui very rich Well, ninety nine roses, how have three hundred to So throw it Anyway, his money, and we have anything to do Guan fidget cube palevioletred Xin smiled how, you like Introduced to you Well, although I dream of Pong a rich man, but he obviously is not my food, a look is a playboy, a woman is probably finished off on the rejection, how can I give him Li Xiaomei Is a disdain for Kang lighting. Li Xiaomei still have fidget cube for anxiety self knowledge, and she looks although it is quite beautiful, but the gap is still not a small gap and Xin She also knows that certainly not into the son of Columbia s discernment, rather than being white play, and might as well find a life to their cost of fidget cube own money to spend the rest of his life it For Li Xiaomei s dream, Guan Xin neither agree nor oppose, because everyone has every person s life, Li, Zhong Pinliang Zou Ruoming though also out of a similar idea, let him go to the King hard on the bow Tang Yun to go, but that is not for the Tang Yun, this background is not the girl in terms of scenery, but Chu Mengyao different ah, fidget cube dice Their own if it is really forced to do something to her, then Chu Peng show let yourself No Gao Xiaofu unpredictable waved his hand Brother, you think, ah, those who will be the most high society people care about what Is nothing more than the reputation of Well, and Chu Meng Yao really grow your She Even if she wanted to, Chu Peng may not agree, this is about his daughter s reputation for life This thing if the publicity out, so Chu Mengyao also how to marry The This is, but how can I guarantee Chu Peng is not in the dark against me ah Zhong Pinliang hesitated, or some worry. I do not believe that she does not care about these, as long as she cares, you can take advantage of the fall of her heart line of defense Gao Xiaofu s plausible words, I do not believe that she does not care about these , As long as she cares, Said and secondly, bright brother you have.

any me to Zhuangzhuang Dan You have this iron hand Wu family heir in, we do not cowardly , No problem. Do not have their own doing, is not to embolden it Then he certainly accepted, but also in front of the little brother installed B Why not Well, Chen days boss, I will wait for you at the auction here Kangzhao Long Wu Chen day call has become a minister day boss, which makes Wu Chen day suddenly on the heart hua in full bloom. Kang Zhaolong and Wu Chen day listening to talk on the phone, Kang Shen Yi is very pleased that this grandson is really brave and advisable, saying the water does not leak, not only to Wu Chen day grateful, but also points out that the 15 million debt must also And then Kang Zhaolong said, then it is to Hong God with admiration This guy actually said Kang family upgrade things is already a clincher, and this is simply open nonsense Even the home of the rain did not contact the contact on it, far away from the family, Kang Zhaolong dare say that However, God knows the health of the health of the Dragon according to the purpose, if directly to find rain family to afraid of this person and Lin Yi in front of a relationship. Hey, if you want to do Zou Ruoming do not know Daddy called to ask what to do, but still said There is one, called Kang Xiaobo, the original is a Naohuo, but with the Lin Yi, in the school which is also bullish Kang name just Kang called him Xiao bo , Zou Tiandi also heard, that in front of this xiao son, is Lin Yi s xiao brother no doubt Zou Tiandi do not know how to hang up the phone, his face with a deep horror. The moment, he finally remembered the front of the Kang Xiaobo where seen, is the hospital Is that hospitalization, and Lin Yi conflict that time, the Kang Xiaobo also next I am your uncle s Zou Tiandi turned around and kicked in the Zhang Xiong s mouth, gave him a kick Yang eight fork, head directly knock at the table, blood Hua Hua flowing down, but Zou Tiandi not Jiehen, up is a meal Meng kick And the side of the Zou if the light also reflects over, is also up against Zhang eight hit Zou brother, Zou little, you original fidget cube hit me doing ah Zhang eight was playing ignorant, and this Zou how his son son ah, how.mother see Kangshi so whispered, suddenly anxious. I have to see how the police can come to me, we are consumers, to drink tea You hit Kang said a mother, said Zou if light. Beat original fidget cube Played You see Old things, I hit you Zou Ruo light stared at the father asked. No Kang Fu know, these police can not you how, people did not you how, just hit you a slap in the face, and even the general security problems are not But wait for the police to go, there is a good hello by the people to disturb you every day sao. Kang mother surprised a moment, suddenly aware of the front of these people are not ordinary to tea, and make their own men fear to such an extent, I am afraid that is very backing. But she did not understand the identity of these people, So some doubt huo looked at Kang. Kang said with a sigh, turned over, xiao channel Zhang is opposite the eight restaurant owner Zhang eight, that Zou always Tiandi entertainment company veteran Zou Tiandi, and that yellow mao is Zou Ruoguang, is the North The h nh n head, we provoke Provoke the What Is them fidget cube for students Kang mother this time on the number, but al.

Original Fidget Cube tep home village Tattoo men quickly answered. Anyway, all right do not give me a call, I have this thing to do it Jianwen Mamalielie hung up the phone, put away the phone will turn back to the box. Lin Yi sideways sideways into a toilet, An Jianwen naturally did not see Lin Yatang just in his behind eavesdropping on his phone. Lin Yi, if not expected, the Jianwen Wen is the cut of the kidney group behind the master, but original fidget cube he cut kidney does not cut the kidney, the relationship between Lin Yi really small, as long as not cut themselves and their friends Head, Lin Yi really too lazy to Dali him. But Song Ling Shan since seeking their own head, Lin Yi also agreed to help her, so Lin Yi also decided to help her once. Looked at the toilet no one, Lin Yi dialed Song Ling Shan phone. In fact, this layer is a luxury box, each box has a separate toilet, so the public toilet hand, not a few people, in addition to the waiter, the guests almost no homes far and wide. Lin Yi Song Ling Shan Lin Yi received a phone call, some inexplicable surprise, although Lin Yi did not know what to find her things, but int.idual wolf, the parents also have some doubts, ah, the school even their daughter s chairman s safety can not be guaranteed, how can we guarantee the safety of other students Everyone a little security and impatience Chu Peng exhibition waved, said I have not said before Mody of the real reasons for the students unconscious, I do original fidget cube not know, school doctors are not clear, all hospital doctors to check the other As a result, if the school is really a problem, then the school will not shirk responsibility Now that these are still a little too early Chu Peng s words, then it is for the parents to put down the hearts of the moment, yes ah, now their children are still inside the emergency room, the reason has not yet clear, on the anger of some too early. The wolf did not expect Chu Peng so solve the show, suddenly frowned, but he took Li bica spent twenty thousand dollars, ready to Chu Peng exhibition of the school smelly, so give up is not enough, he can not go back after the random So that Chul Peng exhibition will certainly sue their newspaper slander, and if he provoked original fidget cube the anger of these paren.

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