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Slack Toys Fidget Cube t better, and since the last to see the health lighting, but also let Xiaofen Kang lighting on the complete loss of confidence, he was removed from the bottom of my heart inside. This is Kang Xiaobo happy to see, or Kang Xiaobo there is always a feeling of health lighting alternatives. Xiaofen this time did not fall ill, Xiaofen parents happy at the same time, also very grateful to Kang Xiaobo, if not Kang Xiaobo, their daughter can not re life is full of hope Over the past few years, Xiaofen s illness has been the parents of Xiaofen mind, in order to see her doctor, almost spent all the savings at home Ro Chapter 0685 a cold brother Chapter o685 cold brother But the hospital doctors say is also very clear, Xiaofen schizophrenia, mainly heart disease, only the solution of the heart knot can be cured, and the hospital can only control the disease when the madness, the treatment effect will not be too good. Kang Xiaobo s appearance, so that Xiaofen s parents saw the dawn, but they are also some worry, Kang Xiaobo although like her daughter, but Kang Xiaobo s parents can accept her daughter Of c.not to school reading Come ah Zhong Pinliang some embarrassing, said or we first find a place to eat rice, go back to say things fidget cube lightcoral up the mountain Zhong Pinliang, you are not deliberately looking for an excuse to approach me Now I do not want to eat You in the end with me Chu Mengyao care is chaotic, she just want to Zhong Pinliang is the opportunity to want to be close to her, but Unexpectedly, these are Zhongpin Liang fabricated lies Chapter 0538 You Destroy Family Harmony Chapter o538 You undermine family harmony Hey, since the dream Yao you, how can I not from the life Zhong Pinliang performance of some disappointment, but the more so, Chu Mengyao the more there is no doubt. Chu Mengyao impatient, afraid to go late, my mother went to other places Over the years, Chu Mengyao heart all the time not to worry about the mother inside, though did not say it, but in her strong under the appearance, but it is a deep love for her mother. She is a nineteen year old girl, regardless of the usual pretending to mature in front of Chen Yushu fidget cube release date like a big sister, she still can not suppress the desire for fa.

there is no loss, but that person more than a decade ago has disappeared Wang naturally have the pride of the capital, in all hidden family of those doctors, the drug king to say that they ranked second, then no one dared to call the first This is also so seriously injured Bo, he can cure the reason Well, that s good. Soldiers are also aware of the drug king s powerful wait for the product quality after discharge, we will implement this plan Old clock you do not too tangled, and I will not ill treat you, Missing a kidney it I am a few days to help him study a matching kidney source, and then fitted to him Bell white suddenly slack toys fidget cube overjoyed, Zhong Pinliang less a kidney has been his heart disease, while the soldiers come forward to help him find a kidney source, it is simply better. Lin Yi naturally do not know the soldiers have begun to start to deal with their own, but even know, will laugh. Yao Wang it Even ordinary traumatic drugs have to use the health of God, dare to claim that he is Wang Yao This big face of the world how so many people Really the world s big face wonders The car stopped at.met, so the police simply can not find any useful clues Song Ling shan Although angry, but there is no way, but fortunately cut the case of the kidney group is a knot, as those black intermediaries, not in the local, own the police to headaches, Song Ling Shan did not go to mediocrity. An Jianwen woke up, but found himself lying in a strange place, this place seems to be the hospital ward Immediately, he felt his left side of the waist very painful, he would like to reach out to touch, but a little effort, no less than anesthetic effects, but the power of the fidget cube by ansty body has not been restored. I This is where Someone Jianwen anxious suddenly some, and shouted up Anesthetic just after the efficacy of Jian Wen s mind is still a bit awake, and some can not remember the things born before. Sir, you wake up Liu Wang Li, a man called Zhang Ju Li s men came over to An Jianwen said I am a city police squadron of the Criminal Investigation Zhang slack toys fidget cube Juli I I am this, An Jianwen mind a little surprised, how will the police to provoke their own Sir, I would like to tell you a very unfortunate news, your le.n Yushu here is satirical An Jianwen play to play, and over, it should go. Yaoyao sister, we go, have taken pictures, we will miss the Jianwen brother Chen Yu Shu said here, deliberately paused, and then said The kidney An Jianwen Chen Yushu heart is cursed, he did not die, how to miss it The results for a long time, the original is miss the kidney, he knew, he was Chen Yushu to play. Song Ling Shan this time is to control his emotions, Lin Yi presence of the place, she decided to settle down a little bit, or Lin Yi angry, not fun. Chen Yu day for the sister can only smile, and he can not control his sister, my sister is such a character from an early age As for Lin Yi, although Chen Yutian every word to ask, but he knew even if asked, Lin Yi may not be able to answer, not to mention Lin Yi had already said that he is now only sister s attendant Sister s attendant Their sister is too cattle Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu and Chen Yutian say hello, left the ward, and Lin Yat Chen Yutian and Song Lingshan nodded his head, followed by Chu Mengyao they out of the ward, as An Jianwen, Lin Yi w.

Slack Toys Fidget Cube u do not scare me Chen Yu Shu went to Chu Mengyao side, pulled her hand, whining cry. Chen Yushu take the lead, the rest of the parents of students who are also slightly hesitant under the rushed into it, their own to find their children into the isolation room to go Such a situation, the hospital s nurses and doctors can only smile, they have no way In fact, the behavior of these people they slack toys fidget cube understand, worry about their children s safety, they fidget cube coral have refused to take any infection is not contagious Since you go in, before the isolation lifted, it can only stay inside the hospital The doctor some helpless standing in the corridor inside the emergency room slack toys fidget cube shouted You have also been limited to action for the time being Those parents do not care, they want to stay with the child s side, even now let them go, they will not go Chu Peng Exhibition and Forber is also come order a fidget cube with, Chu Peng exhibition into the isolation room Chu fidget cube gray Mengyao, and Forber is also not hesitate to come in This can also see the Forbes on the Chu Peng show is how loyal, actually to slack toys fidget cube the risk of insurance Yaoyao Miss Chu Chu Peng Pen.Even if found, but also long dead. Second, the background and identity of Chen Yushu He is also unable to bear, let me not say that Chen does not agree, that fidget cube lavender is, Chen Yu day will not agree Chen Yu Shu after the man, I am afraid that is not the family of the peerless master. Well, to my question Chen Yu Shu is no matter how people think, hurry to Chu Mengyao said Yao Yao sister, and finally my turn to ask you, I have to ask you ah Who is the first kiss object La la la la, ha ha ha Chen Yu Shu asked finished, he could not help but Zeizei laughed. First kiss object Chu Meng Yao frowned, suddenly thought of Lin Yi. Then see Chen Yu Shu that thieves smile expression, Chu Mengyao know she is absolutely no security what kind. But Chu Mengyao did not want to answer, but she did not want to drink, she has drunk a lot before, and now the brain is also some dizzy I refuse to answer, I choose the big adventure. Oh good Oh, Yaoyao sister, you are the second choice of the big adventure, I want to start a topic Oh Chen Yushu excitement, said Yao Yao Jie, I ordered you to pro Arrow brother look Chu Meng Yao.

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