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What\'s A Fidget Cube ust knock The o612 chapter must knock on the door next time I I can not Tang Yun is indeed not dare, she did not want to burst their dreams. Oh, do not see how to know Lin Yi smiled This is not your character ah Previously, I am afraid not so worry about the outcome of it Lin Yi said no wrong, indeed, according to the previous Tang Yun what's a fidget cube s character, definitely not so hesitant, she is a dare to dare to be a girl. Tang Yun Lin Yi out of a glance, but it is not saying anything. The heart was said, before the bleaching is not beautiful, what is the difference Not a beautiful hand, save a lot of unnecessary trouble. But now is different, they are not beautiful, you will like But Tang Yun in Lin Yi s lobbying, or come to the mirror, and some flustered look to the mirror of their own, could not help but surprise Scar on the forehead was gone, only a shallow traces, if you do not look carefully, is not visible, to be very close to the job. This is the new long out of the skin, and after all, will eventually be different, but after a few days there is no difference. Lin Yi explained. Re.tion of light Looked at at stake Jane Zhu, Lee bared hua hastily dialed the owner of the phone The boss, fidget cube seagreen I was bared hua hua Chapter 0585 what strength Chapter o585 what strength Oh, xiao Li ah, what things The phone came over there is still some of the deep male voice, this man is Zhao Qibing mouth of Zhao Guangyin, Zhao family, the current little home owner. In his back there what's a fidget cube is the Father of Zhao, so this is Zhao Guangyin not brazenly recognize the reason why Zhao Qi Bing sons Boss, bad, soldiers less people to break the face, and interrupted the double tu , Zhu Bo also hurt, and Jones Building was also pulled down Lee bared hua could not conceal the hearts of the shock said. Phone side, a burst of silence, followed by Zhao Guangyin is incredible voice What do you say Xiao soldiers interrupted the tu , Mr. Zhu is also a wounded How is it possible Mr. Chu, but the mysterious early stage Of the master, this is rare in the secular world, you are not burned Xiao soldiers and such people hatred Ah Hyun stage early Lee bared hua again shocked Zhang mouth, although he expected Zhu Bo s streng.

s is the case, fidget cube mediumvioletred in this hospital, I have no acquaintances, do not know, I m afraid they black me ah Kang lighting inspiration said look at this hospital decoration so luxurious, Plundered a lot of people fat cream, if there is no acquaintance in this hospital, but I can not ah, and then cure me how to do it I m an acquaintance on you, ah, you help me Kang lighting is very proud of their wit, the reason is very right ah, and now the newspaper news, many of the shady in the hospital reported that he is not too nonsense, is also very reasonable Kang lighting in the sense of good time, Guan Xin s face was sank Our hospital system is very clear, there is a clear standard fees, not your black, and all doctors have practicing license, but also Will not appear to kill you That is not easy to say, ah, the price is also a black box operation Kang lighting ill conceived, apparently still not very happy now, and continue to be very self righteous, said Now these hospital owners, Black, I really do not worry ah My father s heart is not black. Guan Xin stare at the fidget cube gadget health lighting a.ngyao some silent, human tactics it Or three batches of tactics Even won, it is not too disgrace it Besides, when they want to marry Lin Yi Just think he took care of their own better care of it See Lin fidget cube saddlebrown Yi behind the Beetle car, Tang Yiyi stunned, the car she was sitting, but apparently not Lin Yi car, should be Chu Mengyao or Chen Yu Shu s. Wait a long time Sorry Tang rhyme reason the forehead of the bangs, apologetic, said. In front of Chu Meng Yao, can not be lost grace, or change for the usual, Tang Yun will not say so. Lin Yi to Tang Yun opened the door of the co pilot. This time Tang Yun also saw the back of the Chu Mengmeng Yao and Chen Shu, feel a little embarrassed I sat in front, not right Well, I just want to sit in front of it We change it Chen Yun Shu see Tang Yun also do not want to sit in front, immediately happy. Chu Xiaoyu Chen Yushu will be a mouth to cover, and stare at her, only Tang Yun said You are guests, naturally sitting in front of. In fact, Chu Mengyao also think so, the car a little bit, not to Tang Yun sitting in the back. Tang Yun Chen Yu Shu to h.e Tang Yun not happy, but also relieved. She really is to today and Tang Yun thanks, two people no matter whether there is no fidget cube release contradiction before, there is no competition, but today is really Chu Meng dream to please Tang Yun eat She would be afraid of Chen Yunshu Tang Yun would deliberately take her to such a place, random mix together. I met this Li mine is a good thing, I was trying what's a fidget cube to test about Li bile flowers. Lin Yi waved Let s get on it. Chu Mengyao and Tang Yun Lin Yi do not understand the words do not understand, why encounter Lee will be a good thing But since Lin Yi did not say so, they did not ask. Chu Meng Yao do not want Tang Yun look down on themselves, as if by the identity of employers, at any time to stab the Lin what's a fidget cube Yi Tang Yun is fidget cube lightgreen almost the same idea, she did not want to Chu Meng Yao think she should have anything, so that a little private space Lin Yi did not On the car, Chu Mengyao Chen Yushu asked Little Shu, we change a bar, do not find this This restaurant where you heard I am here, said here is very good very romantic, and uh, nothing, just want to come to experien.

What\'s A Fidget Cube Lin Yi turned to look puzzled to Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu how would say to be her assassination Is Chen Yushu eat what toxic food, resulting in a hallucination Chu Mengyao some blush You quickly save what's a fidget cube her, do not ask so much. Well. Lin Yi nodded, picked up Chen Yushu, her body turned over, head down, directed at the sand below, and then facing the Chu Mengyao said Help me to open her mouth, do not close On the. Oh, good Chu Mengyao not neglect, quickly clawed up and down the mouth of Chen Yushu. Ah ah ah Chen Yu Shu was made very uncomfortable, can not help but called up. Her heart, you and Wrigley how to kill me brother you But also Pa my mouth, you want to unplug my tongue But can not tell. What is your name Chu Meng Yao felt Chen Yushu s voice and some sound similar, could not help but glare at her. Ah ah ah Chen Yushu was to shut his mouth, could not say, in addition to ah is not out of other syllables. Lin Yi in the kitchen to take a chopstick, and then went to gently struck Chen Yu Shu s throat eyes. Ah ah ah ah ah Chen Yu Shu fidget cube lightcyan burst of nausea, was finally confused.Zhong Pinliang is not a fool, should not make such a stupid thing. So Lin Yi to focus shifted to other places, there are Chu Peng and Forbes to find the resort is enough, Lin Yi is a direct continued up the mountain. Standing on the fork in the mountains, Lin Yi stopped. Many tourists up the mountain, but to say direction the fork in the road, it should not be too much Although the mountain is a scenic spot, but it is inevitable There are some grass climbing sub, grass snakes and the like, especially in summer, no one will go all the way to this dangerous place. Lin Yi leaned over looked at the trail on the bifurcated grass, it should be someone passed passed, carefully distinguish between, should not only one person. Lin Yi will be holding the mighty generals on the ground, the mighty generals on the road, but scared not light, it does not know Lin Yi holding it to do, not to kill it, right Want to escape, but also feel that Running Lin Yi, but also can can only wait for the upcoming quivering things. Lin Yat now put it on the ground, it smelled the taste of the host of Chu Mengyao, in its v.

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